4 SEO Tips To Boost Your Organic Traffic -

4 SEO Tips To Boost Your Organic Traffic


In this world, ruled by search engines and the internet what do you do when you have a query or want to research something? Type it out of Google, isn’t it? Now imagine the population of the world and imagine the number of people using the internet and then imagine the number of individuals searching for things on Google. The numbers will astound you. There are billions of Google searches per day. Hence, in case you want your business to succeed or sales to exceed, you need to be on Google. Online presence is a must for every business to flourish but is just being present enough? The answer is a big ‘NO’!

At Bright Pixel, being one of the top-most SEO company in Pune, we understand these aspects and their sheer importance. The search engines optimization is a must as you need to increase your Google ranking because let’s be honest, nobody checks the second page! You need to make sure that your SEO game is strong. But it is not always about paying a lot of money or opting those costly pay per click ads, there are a lot of authentic and organic ways to increase the traffic.

Here are some of the SEO tips to boost your organic traffic

  1. Optimise for your readers, not search engines

Optimise for your readers, not search engines First and foremost, write your buyer personas    so you recognize to whom you’re addressing your content. By creating quality educational content that resonates together with your ideal buyers, you’ll naturally improve your SEO. This means tapping into the most problems with your personas and therefore the keywords they use in search queries. Optimising for search engines alone is useless; all you’ll have is keyword-riddled nonsense. Please your buyer personas, and you will automatically please the search engines.

  1. Blogging all the way


We have always said it and we will say it again, ‘Content is the King’ and this is a fact. Putting out great content out there works wonders for your brand and business. Being one of the best branding agencies in Pune, we at Bright Pixel resonate with this fact.  With the help of proper content and blogging, you are able to get into the depth of the matter and make your target audience understand your business/product in an easy and a detailed manner. Good content and blogs generate good traffic on the other hand bad content isn’t useful at all.

  1. The perks of having a social media presence

Social Media is a powerful tool and can work like magic for your business and product sales. The best and easy place to broadcast your website is social media. When you build your own social network on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or any other social media platform you can spread your business and your website amongst all. Bright Pixel is one of the forerunners of the social media marketing company in pune and we totally agree to the vitality of having a social presence both for the brand as well as the individual.

  1. Tracking and analytics help to a great extent

When you know what your customers want it is easier to give it to them. Tracking and analytics help in just that and more. Google Analytics is a boon, it helps you get first-hand knowledge of where your audience resides and the aspects that interest them the most. You are also able to study the kind of keywords they research and are able to tweak your strategies accordingly.

Apart from these there are many other things that will help you increase your organic traffic they are

  • Meta Descriptions and Meta Data to let Google know what you want to talk about
  • Backlinking
  • Optimized images for adequate website loading time
  • The use of internal links

It is all about the authenticity and originality of your marketing strategies. The genuine nature of the marketing ways helps build trust amongst the target audience.

At Bright Pixel, being one of the best search engines marketing companies in Pune as well as one of the best website development company in Pune we make sure that our proposed strategies meet all the requirements and are authentic for sustainable and consistent success.


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