4 Social Media Management Tools -

4 Social Media Management Tools

4 Social Media Management Tools

Social media is here to stay. Most of the people are active on social media today, hence it becomes obligatory for brands to have their presence on social media. This would help them reach a large number of audience. This is a digital age for sure, as brands are trying to capture the attention and interests of their target audience through social media platforms. With so many social media platforms emerging which are vital for brand growth it also becomes mandatory to manage these forums properly. Hopping from one social media app to the other is quite a task hence you require proper tools to manage the social media accounts of your brand. These tools help you to schedule posts, track analytics and also perform many other functionalities.

Following are some of the tools that are great to manage social media…

  1. Social Drift – Social Drift is a great tool to keep a tab on your brand’s Instagram happenings. It is basically an automation tool and proves as a boon for the organic growth of your Instagram account.
  2. Hootsuite – It a great social media management tool. It helps you to manage your social profiles together and also helps you to keep a track of them. You can schedule post in advance as well as review analytics through this tool very easily. This tool also makes connecting with the customer base super easy.
  3. Buffer – Buffer is another strong tool which makes social media management super easy and even with this tool you can manage many social media profiles simultaneously. The best part about this tool is, it suggests you about the perfect time to post for maximum reach and likes based of the activities of the audience of the page.
  4. Zoho Social – Zoho Social is a great tool that helps you to schedule posts on various social media profiles and even research keywords and perform many other activities on a single dashboard. The advanced Social share browser plugin is very important feature and proves to be very beneficial.

These are some of the prominent tools for managing multiple social media platforms and are very useful in the current age and scenario. Many of these also have free plans so you can try these tools out and experiment them and use the one which suits your need or the one that you are comfortable with.


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