Four Ways To Increase Website Security

4 Ways To Increase Website Security

3 Reasons why you must indulge in website security

These days building an online presence has become a must and also due to various means available it has even become easy. Websites are prone to a lot of threats. Anything online generally faces threat from many hackers or intruders, hence it becomes very vital to keep your website safe from such invasions.  There are many who have many doubts on how to make their websites secure or who are not very well aware of the need to do so.

Our purpose behind this blog is to enlighten the readers of various easy ways to increment the security levels of their websites. Following are some easy ways…

  • Keep Updating

It is very important and vital to get rid of outdated, unsafe software and versions. As soon as the new versions are released or new versions are available you should update your older ones. These updates usually contain website security enhancements. A timely update is important as older versions are prone to attacks.

  • reCaptcha

Some people might find the reCaptcha section annoying but it is very useful. It keeps at bay the unwanted parties from entering your website. It will also safeguard your websites from many hackers and spams that exist on the internet today. It can be used as a shield against data breach. It may take a few extra seconds for the user to enter your website but it is worth the wait.

  • Strong Password

This is a very basic step to maintain your website security. Easy or predictable passwords are easily contrived by hackers. Try to use long passwords which are not predictable. Try and use unique passwords which consist of numbers and letters alike and also try not to use the same password everywhere.

  • Using many plugins can be a proble

Plugins may create an issue in maintaining the security of the website. Plugins are very beneficial but difficulties may arise when they are not updated on a timely basis. There are many good plugins that are not very dangerous as far as web security is concerned on the other hand there are some which pose a danger. So to avoid the problem make sure you limit the number of plugins

These were some of the easy ways to maintain web security. At Bright Pixel we make sure we design your website in such a way that the security of the website is not threatened.


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