5 Ways To Live Creative Weekends -

5 Ways To Live Creative Weekends

“A tiny spark has the power to ignite the soul.” Yes, we also call that tiny spark A WEEKEND! For all the working peeps, the weekend sounds like a mini party with yourself and yours. A tiresome and hectic week allegedly drains all the energy out of you and refreshment is necessary. What is even more essential is the replenishment of the Creative Points.

All of us curate some content out of the blues but there is also a bunch of people who are tagged as ‘Content Creators.’ This flock of creative heads includes graphic designers, animation and VFX artists, writers, photographers, painters, poets, dancers, musicians, and everyone who steps out of the typical comfort zone and look for comfort within themselves and art. So as Content Creators, we always need to fuel our minds with supreme ideas. A weeklong hustle happens when you sprinkle graffiti on the desks with your art.

Hence, after 5 working days, you snatch some time for yourself. Spending it lying on the bed sounds fun but we have something more in the store for you. A usual hike with an unusual observation, a classic scenario with an extraordinary inspiration? Yes, that’s what we are looking for! These are the exact essentials you need when you walk out to refill your Creative Points!


Who says only Google holds the key to inspiration? A myth also persists in the fact that Pinterest hosts various ideas. It surely does but have you ever looked around yourself? A simple mountain or ‘Tekdi’ hike can splash a bundle of inspiration on you. A little butterfly traces its path towards you and then keeps its pit stops on bright flowers that are apparently sunbathing. What a great time it is to pick up some shots, bind works into a poem, or maybe sketch it out? Get the creative juices flowing already!


In work hours, people look at you like you have an ocean full of ideas. What if you look up at something deeper than an ocean, right above you, and create magic there? The hassles seem so small and unimportant when stars are tinkling over you. Such a magical atmosphere calls for a pen and paper or graphic designing Try illustrating the trees, the moon, and the stars on your tablet. There is so much to do, with no deadline beholding you!

Go Device-free

Ah. Change! After staring into the screens for hours and hours for the week, 2 days of a break from the screen time can be a treat. Try experimenting in the kitchen, prep your meals. Finally, your body is the only place you have to live in. Take care of it. Sometimes, we tend to get disconnected from ourselves when we connect to the world wide web. So instead of typing things in your notepad or animating online, pull out your pen and paper and sketch, draw, paint, write. Just do something that makes you, you!

Explore Mediums

We are breaking the barriers already, aren’t we? Let’s try to escape the normie paper and phones, tablets, laptops for a day, and experiment on walls and hands. Sounds crazy? It is! As an artist, you can always paint your living room, draw a mandala on that corner of your room. Grab your sister’s hand and design a Henna art. There is always more for us out there, we just have to allow ourselves to seep it in.

Be Intuitive

Creativity and intuitions walk hand in hand many times. Intuition is what guides you towards creation. If you feel like doing an activity, do it. You never know what you may get out of it. You may follow some colour scheme or build a story. Whatever it is, it’ll be a part of you getting staged. On a familiar path to the grocery store, you may find something quirky that catches your attention. Hold it in your mind. A story can be molded with a distant memory.

See, even if you have work weekends, that doesn’t mean that the creativity inside you will be on a holiday too. It will just get refreshed for the long run. Refilling your Creative Points should be on your to-do list for weekends. Have fun, enjoy, sleep, eat, ponder and let your thoughts roam with you too. Pack curiosity in your bag and head out! We are sure that creativity will follow your paths too!



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