6 things to not do while designing a website -

6 things to not do while designing a website

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Websites have been in the forefront of establishing online visibility of the brand since quite a while now. A website is basically the online face of the brand, it is an information centre where the audience gets to know many things about the business or brand. Hence it is necessary to avoid mistakes while designing the website. Your web design has the power to make or break your company. There are 100s and 1000s of different websites hence it is important that you should not make mistakes while making your website to make it stand out.

Here are certain things to avoid or not do while making a website…

  1. Giving an unclear picture about your company

As we mentioned before, your website is the online face of your business so make sure your website gives the correct and appropriate information of what exactly your company does. These days just to make the site stand out people indulge into complex concepts and designs which may confuse the audience coming on to the site.

  1. Making the website while not caring about being ‘mobile friendly’

More than half of the world has its head into mobile phones. Hence most of your audience is active online through their mobile phones. So it becomes very vital to make your website mobile friendly, if that is not done then there are chances that your brand might lose a large chunk of its audience.

  1. Not displaying the contact details properly

People do not have the time to dig around your website to find your contact details hence it is necessary that you make the user’s path easy and display contact details properly in an easily accessible manner. Not giving the contact details properly may also result in your audience turning to other websites.

  1. Slow load time

This is a strict no-no. Slow load time increases the chances of your audience getting irritated by your site thus giving off a bad impression or sometimes they even turn to some other site.

  1. Cluttered design

Make sure the design of your website is spacious and understandable. Cluttered designs create a lot of problem for the user to apprehend the site.

  1. Messed up content or reading order

Not having a proper order of the content or products on your website may make it very difficult for your users to understand the actual concept of your business or brand. This may eventually lead them to walking out on your site so make sure the content goes right.

These are some of the web-designing mistakes to avoid and at Bright Pixel we make sure we do not indulge into any of these mistakes.


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