All about online reputation management -

All about online reputation management

Online Reputation Management

With the growth of technology and internet, many companies and businesses have an impactful online presence. If your business has a strong online presence it definitely has an impact online. Now this impact is called online reputation and it could be positive or negative. The management of this reputation is called ORM or Online Reputation Management. It is basically how the audience view your website or your company. It is very essential that when people search for your profile, business or company they get the correct and positive information and to provide this, Online Reputation Management is of utmost importance.

Result of Negligence of ORM – 
In case you do not indulge in to ORM then there are possibilities of false rumors spreading about your company and it might harm the yield or the outcome of the particular business. This in turn affects the overall working.
Factors like your company name, the name of your employees, the yearly output of your company may get affected due to bad reputation.

Role Of Google – 
It is the platform where the whole action takes place. Negative reputation affects your Google ranking which again affects your business. On the other hand positive reputation enhances your business and your chances of getting more leads through better Google ranking.

Benefits Of Proper Online Reputation Management
a. Takes your business ahead
People getting the right information about your business and positive reviews being shared definitely takes your business forward.

b. Wipes off all the negative info
If your website already has a bad reputation and there are false rumors about it then indulging into a proper Online Reputation Management will help you to re-establish your Google ranking. The time taken to clean the negative data depends upon the previous state of the website. You can also find the articles talking negative about your brand and try to fix them in your ORM process.

Important tools through which you can perform Online Reputation Management
a. Yahoo Alerts
b. Twitter Search
c. Google Alerts
d. Social Mentions
The ideal way to use ORM is right from the beginning as a prevention rather than cure as damage control is tougher than building a reputation.


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