Boost Your Marketing Multi Fold the Whats App Way.

Boost your Marketing Multifold-The Whatsapp way

whatsapp marketing Services in Pune

Here are some insights into digital marketing.
Advertising, marketing & so the promotion of your brand/business is always a one to one communication.

What makes it effective? The answer is to what level it achieves these-It has to gain attention, create a desire, yet has to be winning, convincing. Finally, it has to persuade your prospect/consumer to buy the product/service you are offering. The brand promotion in the new, internet age is extended further from the press,  print,  electronic [TV],  radio,  outdoor billboards to now the digital marketing through websites,  e-newsletters,  blog spots,  e-mailers.

Digital marketing Company in Pune has now become the buzzword for marketing plan of businesses. It is equally or more effective, fast, and costs surprisingly less compared to print and other media.
Today in India, over 337 mln people- more than one-fourth of the population are to use smartphones. The number is growing by 16%- the highest growth in comparison to any country.

That makes the latest Social Media Marketing Company In Pune/ e-marketing media– ‘Whatsapp’ a preferred, hottest media in the marketing plan. It offers great advantages over other media.

-It’s a creative medium when it comes to the message form. The message can be designed by studying the psychographics of the buyer. One can send textual message ineffective words.It can be a short ad film. It can be a show-stopper image. Well, the liked ones are always circulated by the viewer to other’s mobiles.

-Cost-effective. It costs much lesser than other media. Hence the ad/marketing spend per person is much lesser. Thus you can stretch the Rupee to your advantage.

-It is direct to the buyer- a clear, personalized communication from A to B.

-It is instant. You can reach a large figure of the prospect viewer in a short time. This does matter when every quarter/month/week/day- and finally hour of the fiscal year counts. The clock is ticking- and companies want the cash register generated by sales ringing- simultaneously. Finally at the end of the day, the sales figures matter- more than the brand awareness, appreciation, and its reception in the market.

-It can be repeated with different forms with the same underlying message.

-It can be transmitted segment wise as per the product positioning- based on age, sex, geographics, psychographics, income group, buying behavior.

-Its viewership can be monitored- hence the effectiveness can be seen in numbers by seeing how many viewers have viewed it.

No wonder, more and more companies in India are now relying on Whats app media to promote their brand when it comes to brand plan in Online Marketing Company in Pune.

Brightpixel offers you innovative, effective and persuasive solutions for your digital marketing and promotion on whats app. The key differentiator of our work is – we study your exacting needs, targets, your product strengths. Next step is our firebrand creative team will burn the midnight oil to develop exacting solutions for your promotional objectives. Further, we test their effectiveness and then release them- to get you the results from day one. The brand success stories- each one is a proud feather in our cap- speak for us.

Whats app- the effective marketing media– take our support – and make your brand walk the talk- per every Rupee spent.


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