Boost your Online Ranking- with the key SEO trends! -

Boost your Online Ranking- with the key SEO trends!

Boost your Online Ranking- with the key SEO trends

Years ago the world-famous agency BBDO entered in a contract with Mercedez Benz for advertising. The first clause of the contract was- BBDO said- ‘We don’t tell you how to make the trucks, you don’t tell us how to make the ads’.

Now the same thing applies to SEO- and the search engine marketing company, the client will not tell its web design and development, and digital marketing agency about SEO. It has to decide on the ways to make SEO ranking effective.

The whole information highway is zooming ahead with everyone going for various ways to optimize their presence on the net- i.e. going for smarter ways of SEO.

How does one find a way through this whole bombardment of information and reach effectively when every second the prospect who browsing rapidly.

Here are some research-based tips- for a better SEO ranking at the end of the day.

Make sure your information is relevant

Keywords and loads of content is not enough for bringing highlight rankings. The latest research shows that the relevance in the message is noted by the search engine with essential importance.

Time is money- so is the loading speed!


The first impression counts. So why test the patience of the viewer with low loading speed.. Make sure you take care of the web design and the development criteria to empower your site with the optimized loading speed. Do keep an eye on elements such as first Contentful Paint or First Input Delay, First CPU Idle, Speed Index, Time for Interactive and Estimated Input Latency. This all together gives a better loading speed.

The content has to be meaningful for SEO visibility


Every form of advertising is content. A good content follows the principle of Gestalt, and the principle of power to attract, evoke and motivate the viewer to go for your product. Remember almost every ad is viewed for a second or a bit more in the digital landscape. It is your skill to make the content creative, relevant and achieving the necessary impact. The huge investment in digital ads can get wasted if the content is not working. The client has to get the value for money for the ad spend by way of content in the websites and other digital media vehicles.

Videos content do have a great pull

Videos content do have a great pull

The latest SEO trend is the emphasis on video content in strategic focus. Videos have the power to indulge the customer, for a film is always appealing to the psychology of the viewer at the age of 6 to 60- no matter what topic is. The effective video has to have storytelling- cause story is heard and seen whether it’s about women’s wear or heavy engineering- of course in relevance that sells the point to the audience.

Voice your voice- for better SEO


The voice takes a centerstage in boosting SEO along with text and visual content . For further impact, do add real-life pointers for voice searches such as Google Home, Cortana, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, Make a note of having a focus on the user experience and consumer experience.

Snippets are the in-thing!

Every search can stop at the snippet- for its quick and straight- that works out well in the ultimate analysis of the SEO ranking. Featured snippets are even better.

Well, this is the age of effective SEO- in the crowded digital world. Those who achieve the ranking of SEO are seen and heard.

Bright Pixel is the web design agency and SEO expert which has a proficient team that thrives to take up the new challenges of SEO rankings- to soar them higher. The success of the high level of response to its clients is the proof of the pudding.


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