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Boycott China

Boycott China

“Boycott China” is the present buzzword that echoes in India in revenge of China’s hatred. Amidst the deadlock in Ladakh’s border; there has grown a call between residents to boycott goods from China, which is observed as the irrational provoker. The disgrace has been widespread on social media. Hashtags such as #BoycottChina and #BoycottChineseProducts are floating on Twitter. Even if we consider that around 30–50 crore Indians will boycott Chinese products, it is sufficient to diminish the Chinese economy and this will facilitate us to boost the Indian economy. This would result in generation of jobs in all the arenas.

There has been a significant fury of anger towards China after their aggression. As per a survey that was conducted to determine the amount of population in favor of boycotting Chinese goods, majority of the countrymen agreed. More than 7500 citizens were questioned about their willingness to boycott Chinese products, almost everyone was ready to stop buying them.

This move promises better living standard. Post the bitter experience of seeing this extremely worst state of the entire world which is in grief presently due to only a single nation which is China, it is the right time to boycott China and Chinese products. This would not only benefit India, but also other countries that invest a fair share in India. If we pledge that we would boycott Chinese products and only buy Indian ones this will create a space for Indian market. If the consumption of Chinese goods declines it will generate an opportunity for the Indian market share to hike. The Boycott China move has gained momentum as the Government is promoting the AatmaNirbhar Bharat Mission. At this time, when the world is going through the ruthless pandemic India looks forward at this crisis as an opportunity to build a self-reliant country.

The flight towards a self-reliant India has spread wings and Vocal for Local is the new catchphrase. As the ‘Made in India’ drive gets re-energized in a new avatar, it is the right time to assimilate its many dimensions that will make it run. Vocal for Local campaign can be ideally supported by leaders who earn national repute. PM Narendra Modi is for sure the biggest of them all in India and tips a great following. Vocal for Local will put a full stop to unjust dumping of Chinese goods in the country. The movement, coming from him, is guaranteed to make for traction and action.

One way we can promote the Boycott China move is by marketing Indian goods through space and branding agencies and social media companies in India. For instance, say best digital marketing company in Pune city can really help out in our motto. Bright Pixel is one of the leading Social Media marketing company in Pune which primarily addresses the need to brand. By shaking hands with such SEO company in Pune, the popularity of Indian manufactured goods would multiply.

Advertising plays a pivotal role in the visibility of a brand, and what is yet to be realized is whether the ‘vocal for local’ push would also spread to homebased independent ad agencies. Bright Pixel, a leading website development company in Pune which specializes in office branding too. It believes in the Be Indian, Buy Indian philosophy. It backs the self-reliant India move. It passionately helps Indian brands grow and gain popularity. Being an Indian company at heart, it dreams of a self-sufficient and proud country.


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