Awanti Polymoulds, established in 1990, is a preferred source that offers proficient, workhorse blow moulds for PET bottles from India. It has worked for several leading brands in India with proven quality and cost-effective mark. The company has now worked for several brands in countries abroad. It is geared up to provide blow mould design and manufacturing services for any product segment from beverages to mineral water to pharmaceuticals anywhere on the global map.


  •  The client has been a pioneer in blow moulds for PET bottles in India. It began work with COCA-COLA and moved further to other brands.
  • The company’s prime need was awareness around the brand, and positioning to be established as the prime source for blow moulds.
  • The company’s potential and expertise needed opportunities, in terms of clients in various sectors, in India.
  • The company also wanted to expand its footprint abroad, where prospects are looking for such expertise.
  • The need was of a proper brand promotion plan that will bring in inquiries in a strategic short span with a high impact- thus the proper media vehicle, globally.
challenges face by client
solution suggested by bright pixel


  • Bright Pixel studied, researched further the above scenario. The competition was there for the client- yet not with similar expertise and sophistication in design and manufacture of PET blow moulds.
  • The mainstream solution recommended was the client should have the presence on the net by way of an explainer, responsive website.
  • The site was developed to communicate client’s domain specialities.
  • The look of the site is with the corporate gravity, so are the images and clarity of content.
  • While developing the site, website loading time is also brought to a minimum.
  • An Emailer is also given as a support vehicle for communication.
  • An extensive, micro and macro-level , SEO is being done since then, for India and subcontinents globally.


  • There is more to the results, than it meets the eye- when one sees the success quotient for the efforts taken to promote the client.
  • Most importantly after the web, digital and SEO promotion, Awanti has become another keyword for designing and manufacturing of PET blow moulds in the industrial domain.
  • It also focussed on the client’s differentiators viz- a-viz competitors, thereby bringing the client name upwards, in recall- in India and abroad.
  • The website has won excellent Google ranking, constantly.
  • The site generated extensive REACH of the client to corresponding prospect industries- generating calls to the client from all over India and from several countries in around the globe.
  • Most leading brands in India from mineral water to carbonated drinks, from pharmaceuticals to agro products have emerged as the proud, satisfied clients of the company- the list is growing every day.
  • Sales orders from abroad also have been pouring in- the recognition of work of the company, its workhorse blow moulds is now in countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Japan, Bhutan, Poland, South Africa, Srilanka.
  • For Bright Pixel- the work on Awanti continues to meet further challenges in Promotion-making a concurrent team with the company.
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