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Riseecovent is a power ventilator manufacturer from Thailand, established in 2006. It also offers heat and humidity ventilators, skylighting solutions. A subject expert and consultant in ventilators, it offers solutions to every type of industrial campus.


  • Though a power ventilator subject expert, and wherein every industrial campus needs its products, its awareness in subcontinents and otherwise was low.
  • The company needed a strong focused positioning
  • The brand can be proficient, yet it need a strategic media vehicles to BOOST THE IMAGE and REACH the prospect, internationally, step by step
  • All this was to be accommodated in the startup budget
challenges face by client
solution suggested by bright pixel


  • Riseecovent came to know about Bright Pixel, a web designing creative firm from Pune. They liked the work of the firm and sensed whether we could do something to promote their brand.
  • To begin with, we studied its scope [which was tremendous], its global market, the prospect industries.
  • The interaction was encouraging, creative insights were worked to promote the brand strategically in a short span.
  • The first idea was to coin the brand name for the company- [ The company had earlier a different name] Now it tells the function and the vision of the company- its RISE- ECO [Eco-friendly- connecting with ventilator benefit] – VENT- [ Ventilator]. The name is unique and still tells the story.
  • Next was website development. It has a power of simplicity, sophisticated look, exclusive images, lucid content communicating each product, benefits to the corresponding industry.
  • An E-brochure is also added to the client’s view and details. There is a prompt chat box that is always ready to answer your queries.
  •  We carefully scrutinized the markets globally and did research-based, smart SEO. The process was reviewed and previewed every month, strategized as per response.


  • Riseecovent awareness increased sky high- though gradually- yet the efforts of Riseecovent team and Bright Pixel team paid up.
  • Today the company can boast of a spectrum of leading industries in India and abroad in several countries.
  • The company has now become the buzzword for ventilators. Now its increasing presence in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain, Oman, Djibouti, Kenya, Nigeria, Togo, Libya, Ethiopia, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar & Srilanka.
  • For Bright Pixel the satisfaction is seeing their ideas worked in promoting Riseecovent- yet it compliments more to Riseecovent to join forces with them- relying on our solution. 
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