The company makes unique, research-based herbal cosmetic/beauty care products. The product range is available online for beauty/care product users and pros- for skin, hair, body, feet, personal care. It has shampoos, creams, lotions and more in each section. Devised for every beauty/skin/hair care objective- the range is vast.
The key feature is – it is herbal- organic and NOT chemical-based- thus following the world trend.


  • Earlier in 2017 the company had three different websites selling the products- which was attracting attention yet in a disjointed, diverse manner.
  • Even if SSCPL offered a real breakthrough product range in herbals on the beauty canvass, the awareness around the brand was extremely low.
  • The key task for the client was first- the name game- the brand name sscpl was needed to be promoted and made synonymous with herbal beauty products.
  • The next task was to increase its REACH to two categories- hobbyists, enthusiasts in beauty care- motivate them to switch to herbals by telling them the wide range and its benefits. The second category to be4v reached was professionals in beauty care- parlours, saloons, spas especially in the affluent segment in India.
  • All this was to be done online , within the confinement of a start-up level budget
  • The challenge was to find digital vehicles and achieve the REACH, MILEGE in the above budget, in a short span. Hence to finally , continuously boost THE BRAND IMAGE, RECALL and  online VIEWS and SALES.
challenges face by client
solution suggested by bright pixel


  • Bright Pixel studied the brief and objectives, the psychographics- income- buying behaviour of the target group for the client.The main finding was of the least activity and presence online after the launch of the website.
  • The first task was to achieve the single minded communication, voice and reach of the client- this resulted in merging all the tree different SSCPL websites into a one, clear message based full length website.
  • The look , content of the site was given an attention to detailing that lucidly explained the range in separate, distinct sections along with their description- leaving the viewer satisfied with least FAQ’s.- and straightway order the products to use.
  • A micro-level and macro-level cost-effective digital brand plan was made and executed in steps.
  • The first layer was SEO based on beauty care prospects and the reach was generated every month.
  • The second layer was SEO of YouTube where in the searches SSCPL came on top and accelerated further reach.
  • Social media- FB and Instagram pages were made and posts every month given a paid boost.
  • The above SEO was monitored every month, the analysis was communicated to the client to en-cash the leads.
  • The client was given strategic solutions to launch value addition offers on purchases and also festival offers.


  • SSCPL brand image awareness expanded multi fold like an iceberg coming up out of the sea, in the two years, month after month.
  • The research based analysis and SEO worked well for the client – increasing awareness, sales in the given segments.
  • The strategic value addition offers, ‘sale’ offers, festive offers added to cosumer engagement more , adding more to sales.
  • Sales boosted multi fold in all sections of the product range. The figures are musical- sales  grew 5 times and triple was the reach.
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