How to understand the users to make a user-friendly web design -

How to understand the users to make a user-friendly web design


Web designing is not about how plainly attractive your website’s design should be, it is about easy site navigation, it is about your site being user-friendly. A website should be easy to use and easy to surf through. So a simple key to make your website the best is to understand the needs of the users and fulfill them. Following are some of the steps that you need to take in order to analyse the users.

Examining the Users

In order to understand the users you need to understand their needs, demands and the factors that motivate them to perform any given certain task. You need to conduct various surveys, polls, interviews and tests to get to know their mentality and behaviour. Your user research will be solely based on the kind of website you are designing.

Studying the Competition

In today’s world it is very necessary to analyse and study what the competitive brands are doing so as to form your own work skeleton. This study provides you to build a frame work which further helps you to understand the user.

Spotting the ideal user or the target audience

This would be easy after you examine all your users, the ones who use your product and the ones who just simply visit your site. You may look at the broader user base but spotting your target audience and amending your site as per their exact needs would be very beneficial for your business. Study the demographic and the behaviour of this target user and make amendments into your design accordingly.

The simplest sitemap

To make your design appeal to the end user your sitemap should as simple as possible. Lesser complications would yield better results. Here is where spotting the exact target audience comes into picture. Study the needs of the target audience and put all the required and the frequently used stuff on the top or front slide of your site.

Path the User Travels

The path the user travels on your site to complete a certain task is called user flow. Make sure that your design is such that this path is as short as possible and as easy as possible.

Wire frames

Again design your wire frames by keeping in account the user behavior and habit.

All these steps would definitely make your website more user-friendly

At Bright Pixel we make sure our web designing process is carried on by keeping in mind the needs of the target audience. Being one of the best web design companies we make sure we keep the end user happy and satisfied.


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