Interesting facts about calligraphy and its role in the modern graphic designing -

Interesting facts about calligraphy and its role in the modern graphic designing

Interesting facts about calligraphy and its role in the modern graphic designing

Calligraphy literally is a visual writing art. The word calligraphy has been derived from a Greek word ‘kallus’ which means ‘beautiful’ and ‘graphein’ which means ‘writing’. Together it’s usually referred as the way of writing. It has been used on a large scale in modern designing world to increase and enhance the aesthetic appeal of a design. This written art form has brought in a new revolution in the world of designing. All the projects which put an emphasis on lettering work and pay keen attention to the details are usually well appreciated and the designs are great to look at.

Here are some of the interesting facts regarding Calligraphy

  1. The Impact in the Middle East

Calligraphy, in the East Asian countries and the middle-eastern countries, is considered to superior to any other art form such as sculpting or even painting.

  1. Styles Of Calligraphy – Here are some commonly used styles of calligraphy
    1. Cursive Style – Being one of the most exuberant styles this one adds a lot of drama.
    2. Running Style – This style utilizes compact and thick strokes.
  1. Introduction Of The Word

The word calligraphy was introduced in the English language in the year 1613 before that there was no name to this art form relating to styles of writing in the English regions even though it existed.

  1. About the calligraphers of the olden days

The East Asia Calligrapher used Bamboo to make the body of the brush and hair from mouse, wolf, pigs etc to make the whiskers.

  1. Dipped Pens

The 19th century saw the introduction of the ‘dip pens’ which required to be dipped in an ink pot to draw the illustrations. These pens were somewhat like a quill with a handle and a metal point.

  1. Revolution In the Graphic Design field.

Calligraphy has brought in a lot in the field of modern day Graphic Designing. This ancient art form has influenced the designing and the writing skills in the digital world to a large extent.

The technologically advanced world of graphic designing today has many of its roots from the ancient art forms and styles and takes a lot of inspiration from the ancient styles and implements them in a modern way.

Calligraphy is an art form which is a major contributing pillar in the world of Graphic Designing today!


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