Planning The Content Planner -

Planning The Content Planner

The world is a Global Hub. Every single business or company focuses on establishing its presence not only of the map of earth but also on the map of Social Media. Indeed, Social Media has become a mirror of what the company is!
Not just that, Social Media also adds to a hike in user interaction and connection, beyond the geographical boundaries.
Now when you wish to go virtual, some keys unlock your paths to go viral. From the bundle of keys, we are going to pick one today and talk about it. So here we are, unlocking the Yearly Content Planner!
 Pondering on what exactly is a Content Planner? Well, it is a spreadsheet of all the days and events happening throughout the year. Planning it effectively ensures that your posts and campaigns are ready before the clock ticks to midnight.Here is why everyone needs a Yearly Content Planner for Social Media

Unparalleled Posts

Your posts should depict what you are and what you do and at Bright Pixel, we handcraft unique content that suits your product and brand altogether! After taking notes of how you work and what you do, we have our media bugs to study them. They put up an exquisite plan for the brand and get working!

Consistent Content

Without a plan, you’d be operating in the dark. With these calendars ready on your desk, you can track the frequency of the posts. Consistency in posting checklists the fact that you are dedicated and that grabs attention. When you post frequently, a brand image starts painting up on the canvas of the viewer’s mind. Here, you get to portray your brand and create a voice on platforms.

Saves Time

“It’s 11 am already, that too on Holi? Where is the post?” This is the thing that won’t happen when you have a Content Planner pinned to your spreadsheet. It uses your creative brainwaves and treasures it well, so a scramble thought set won’t hit you on the actual day of the post! With your post ready and scheduled beforehand, you can sit back and chill and all you have to do is Post, not Create!


One of the biggest perks of Yearly Content Calendar is having the control over connections you want to establish. When some festivals are around the corner, you can create posts that go near the target audience. That also gives you a chance to showcase your work in a super creative way. Here, create an emotional connect so the audience feels closer and more relatable to your product. Walking beyond that square, you can set a theme for every month! If you flood February with ‘How To’ posts or Interviews, Opinion Polls, your wall follows a good flow. Pro Tip- Humour and Emotions pave your path to the audiences’ hearts!


You can track the engagement of the audience on your post and not just that, you can also alter the post as per the engagement observed! Basically, you get enough time in your hand to study and tweak the following posts. Another perk is that you get to play and experiment with the keywords for levelling up the reach! It gives you the liberty to track what works and then, improve it.

Competitor Analysis

Study isn’t just limited to your channel but also, what rest of the channels do. When you keep an eye on the feed of your fellow brands, you get to analyze what they’re doing and what they’re missing out. By Doing this, you can quickly pick a part and turn the tables.

So many good reasons to get a personalized Content Planner but wondering where to find a company that makes the same? Open Google. Search Bright Pixel. Scroll down. See a Contact Bar? Yes? Tap and say ‘Call.’ And this way, you get the best of best at your service! You can also visit our office at Deccan Corner and we can have a chat by the tea!

We are Bright Pixel. Hello. We are an Office Branding and SEO Company in Pune. We also deal with Website Designing, Website Development, Logo Designing and many such branches. Being one of the leading Branding Agencies in Pune, we assure you that your brand is in good hands! Happy Media Guys!


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