Creative Minds - The Real Heroes of the Media Agencies and Advertising -

Creative Minds – The Real Heroes of the Media Agencies and Advertising


Advertising is all about creating things that strike the eye and get etched on the mind. Creativity is the fuel to keep this world of advertising afloat. Stephan Vogel, Ogilvy and Mather Germany’s chief creative officer once said, “Nothing is more efficient than creative advertising. Creative advertising is more memorable, longer-lasting works with fewer media spending and builds a fan community faster”.  So, we know that be it the branding agency in Pune or any part of the world, creativity remains the backbone of all the media agencies.

The 50s and the 60s, the so-called Mad Men Era, saw the surge in the media world with the increase in the advertising agencies. Since then creativity has been of utmost importance. The most important thing all the agencies then and now fight and compete for is ‘attention’ of the audience. There are many creative minds involved in making a creative media agency successful.


Here are some of them and their role

  1. Strategist

Foresight is the key to any successful strategy and a good strategist has an impeccable vision and a knack to look into the future of the brand or the product and create a plan. Not having a vision is almost like throwing darts in the dark. A strategist lays the foundation of any creative plan after meticulous necessary ground research. A creative strategist not only thinks beyond the idea but also ensures a smooth flow of the plan. Being one of the great Web Designing Agency in Pune, we at Bright Pixel have a team of some marvelous creative strategists with us!

  1. Graphic Designer

When we talk about advertising or media, visuals are extremely vital. A good graphic designer represents the idea visually in an aesthetic way that appeals to the masses. He understands the objectives of the strategies and plans and depicts them visually. All a brand needs to stand out is a strong visual representation and at Bright Pixel, being one of the best graphic designing and printing companies in Pune we strongly abide by it.


  1. Content Writer

Content is the king, period! Words possess an immense amount of power. A content writer’s task is to create precise content that strikes the right chord with the target audience. It is all about having a clear understanding of how a particular set of target audience will perceive the information that comes their way. Creative content plans and strategies go a long way in today’s competitive age of media agencies.

  1. UI-UX Designer  

In order to be successful, it is a must for a brand to have a mobile app and a website. And this app and website should be aesthetic and easy-to-use. It is the task of the UI-UX designer ensure all the above is executed correctly and also ensure excellent user experience. Good user experience leads to a loyal customer base. We at Bright Pixel, being one of the best UI-UX design companies in Pune take care of all the factors and have a team filled with creative graphic designers.

UI-UX Designer

  1. Video Creator

Video Marketing is one of the powerful ways of attaining high levels of audience engagement. A good video creator utilizes this power and makes impactful strategies directed towards the success of the brand and is able to create videos that boost sales and increase the ROI.

Creativity is a vital aspect of any marketing plan and creative minds are the backbone which help the brands to reach the pinnacle.


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