Reasons why your website should be mobile friendly..? -

Reasons why your website should be mobile friendly..?

Reasons why your website should be mobile friendly

We all know it, mobile phones are here to stay. Mobiles have become so easily accessible that these days almost everyone has a mobile phone.  In such scenarios it becomes very important for you to make your business or product available on mobile phones so that it reaches maximum people. So optimising your business website for a mobile phone is not a trend anymore, it is a necessity.

Here are some of the reasons why your website should be Mobile friendly

Better Google Ranking!

It’s plain and simple, Google favours and prioritises mobile friendly websites. Google has changed its algorithm in the recent past and has made it almost mandatory for websites to be mobile friendly. Ranking of a website is affected to a great deal due to the degree mobile friendliness it portrays. Hence in order to increase your organic traffic and also not losing it, a mobile friendly site is a must!

Increment in Sales

Since everyone use their mobile phones for numerous deals, transactions, communication etc it is very necessary for your business to be accessible to people through their mobile phones. There has been a tremendous rise in people buying or selling things through their phones. Hence having a mobile friendly site will help people to easily access your site and this exercise will thus increase your sales.

Mobile friendly sites improve the user experience

Don’t we all want to do that? Primary goal of any business is customer satisfaction. A responsive and a mobile friendly website fits the gadget perfectly by adjusting(contracting) the pictures sizes and the content size appropriately. This makes it easy for the user to read or buy or simply scroll through the website. And yes, having happy users definitely guarantees more and frequent visits to your sites and also profits!

Builds a great Reputation for Business/ Brand

Optimising your site and making it mobile friendly is an easy way to gain an upper hand over your competitors. Not having a mobile friendly website will definitely take you out of the game eventually. It doesn’t take much time to close a tab and if your website isn’t user-friendly people won’t think a second before closing it. Having a website that looks great and fits perfectly on their screen definitely has a better impression and thus builds the reputation. Reputation is something no business ever wants to lose.

Now you know, So be a part of this world of great experiences and make your sites mobile friendly!


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