SEO- Things you need to know about the ranking game! -

SEO- Things you need to know about the ranking game!

 Search Engine Optimization – words that form an important part of the core of digital marketing! There are many myths and assumptions about SEO which aren’t true. And mind you folks, it isn’t a sprint, it is a long run, a Marathon. SEO never happens overnight. It takes time for search engines to consider your keywords and you! Consistency is the key to walk up the ladder of the SEO game. Consistence can even help you achieve your targets and goals faster.


Here are few basic things you have to keep in mind to do the SEO trick right…

Hit the right keyword

You get this step right and you would be sorted.  Don’t just stuff them but use them correctly. Keywords have been a part of many SEO techniques since their inception. So this one is the basic, folks. Get on it! Get proper meta-descriptions, page titles and heading tags.


You heard it right; you got to have your own unique techniques, way and content. Anything that looks copied or not original will not get you the ranking, it is as simple as that. The simple rule would be get inspired and don’t imitate. We know everybody doesn’t know everything so you can study everything and then make up your own stuff.

Tracking and Analytics

Do not forget to install webmaster tools and Google analytics, we know it’s a no brainer but also important to state. To know how your website is working, it is very vital to know the user behaviour. Tracking conversions, comparing the results with the current industry trends as well as attributions are very vital to get your SEO right!


Somebody very aptly said ‘Content is the king’ and we couldn’t agree more. The right words will take your business and website to places. Creating exceptional content is the best way to impress your users/customers and also the search engines. Keep blogging about all things relevant. Keep adding new content to your site on a weekly basis. Usage of correct and pertinent keywords is a very vital step in any SEO technique. Also get your URLs right!


Internal and external linking is a must. Get some trustworthy sites to link to you as well.

At Bright Pixel we take in to consideration all the above pointers and make sure that your SEO game is played right and for the benefit of your brand. To know more about our services click here


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