Space branding- promote your brand smartly at the point of sale

Outdoor branding-Bright Pixel

Every effective brand promotion or advertising has one key principle in common-A.I.D.C.A.It means A-Attention, I- Intrigue, D- Desire, C- Convince, A- Action of buying.

Look at any effective ad you liked- from ‘Fair and Lovely’ to ‘Axe effect’ to ‘Mercedez Benz’to ‘Cafe coffee day’ and ‘Yes Bank’- you will see this principle strongly appealing you. Your attention is attracted, you become interested, arouse your desire, convinced by the brand promise and act to buy it. The principle applies to every brand name, ad-media from press to TV to web and hoardings. It also applies to super hit movies like ‘Sarkar’– or ‘Student of the year’, ‘Murder on the orient express’. Its titles and posters created intrigue In novels it woorks -like Chetan Bhagat’s- Half Girlfriend’. What’s more, even to songs which you always remember like- ‘Main hoo na.’

Every brand has a personality, benefits to offer and a story to tell. Accordingly, its brand promotion media are creatively designed.  Space branding has now evolved as a new, effective media innovation in the brand plan. It follows the AIDCA principle to invite and impress your client in your space where your brand is sold. It is a thoughtfully designed set of graphic design extensions from the logo or images around the brand

Space branding can be of the outdoor and indoor space of any office, company, enterprise, showroom, mall, restaurant, institute, sports club, hospitals or even a yoga and meditation center or even private row houses, bungalows.

It covers custom-designed solutions like site board, signages, campus images in vinyl, entrance glass door motifs, or the images galore inside in the indoor space. The materials can be varied like acrylics, flex, vinyl, wood, etching, and mixed media.

What does it do for your brand? Well, there is more to it than it meets the eye. It, to begin with, creates a positive atmosphere. It builds motivational stories around the context of the brand and its target buyers. Further, it softly revolves around the brand by creating visual appeal. In the ultimate analysis, it creates an inviting brand image.

Imagine a paediatrician’s clinic where parents and children are waiting- now imagine ‘The Lion King’ life-size images displayed on its walls in the reception. It can even make children busy and stop crying.

Think malls- think products galore. Here the images of smiling models and the products can invite the families to your storage space.

Another example is restaurants. Here people come for distressing and fun. The images around in the space can enliven- as you know people go to some restaurants for the experience of the ambiance along with the recipes.

Bright Pixel – a creative design agency in Pune has begun to carve a niche in space branding. It has a wing of designers, artists, painters, muralists and more. They study your space, understand your purpose and the brand scenario, type of walk-ins and design. They believe in recreating spaces that offer positive, meaningful experiences that will make the visitor come again to you, happily. Of course, the designs are ‘The hidden Persuader’ that promotes your brand.

The agency is also renowned for making websites, graphic design, SEO, digital marketing- a name that boasts of several esteemed clients in Pune.

Have go at the agency website and they will welcome you to meet and chat about space branding.


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