Technology changing the face of e-commerce -

Technology changing the face of e-commerce

Technology changing the face of E-Commerce

There used to be time when we couldn’t even imagine that something could be ordered online and delivered home. Then there came a time when these deliveries were possible but the users were always sceptical and thought shopping online was a risk. Now-a-days the scenario has changed drastically, thanks to technology, now people don’t hesitate to buy anything right from a needle to large TV or a Refrigerator online. Technology has made the ecommerce websites not only fast but mostly trustworthy.

With the advent of technology as we mentioned the e-commerce industry has flourished and changed in many ways. Here are some of the major changes that technology brought in..

  1. Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have been present in the scene since quite a while now.  The entry of mobile app in the e-commerce scene has increased the connectivity between the consumers and the retailers or the dealers. Hence it becomes easy for a customer to stay updated about the various offers, discounts or packages.  The mobile app also helps the customer to know about the on-going activities of the brand easily.

  1. The Personalized Experience

Personalized websites give a personal touch to the user and the consumer thus enhancing their experience. The brand insights are made available to the user and he gets well aware of what the brand has to offer. Every user wants a shopping experience that’s personally germane to him/her and technology is making that happen. Thus technology is helping the brand build a more devoted customer base.

  1. Enhancing and Changing the user choices

As the technology is advancing, users are presented with various options and details about the products, this is making them enhance their online shopping choices thus increasing their loyalty towards the brand.

  1. Small businesses and start-ups are on the rise

Technological advancements have led the consumers and users to acknowledge small business and explore them and their products or services. Today even a small grocery store can put a small level e-commerce website and make people aware of it. Many service industry start-ups are also being able to have their own website and list the services they offer. Thus people get to know the details about their services properly.

  1. Chatbots

These AI tools have taken the customer service sector to a whole new level. Consumers have various queries regarding the brand or products which are easily answered by these chatbots immediately. Also Chatbots provide an easy connection for the consumers with the brand.

Thus utilizing this technology to expand your business online by making the apt website is very important and at Bright Pixel we do that and lots more. We harness technology to make a perfect website for you.


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