The Future of Print Media -

The Future of Print Media


The world is shifting to online media and transforming into a digital place as the technology is tightening its grip. With this, it is hard to imagine there was a time when all this was new and the print media was the most prominent form of advertisement and news. But with the increasing digital media do print media/advertising platforms such as billboards, magazines or newspaper ads still, have a chance?

The answer is – yes, due to a very basic reason – authenticity. Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying that digital forums are not authentic but there is so much on the digital forums that sometimes you are confused about what all to believe and which news is fake.

Let us put it in this way, would you believe in a huge billboard ad or would trust a WhatsApp forward?

Having said all the above both print and digital media have their pros and cons. In this blog let us focus on print media and advertising and what the upcoming years have got for it.

The Beginning Of Print Era

Printing has come into existence thousands of years ago. Though modern printing started in the 1300s when the printing press was invented. Printing was used to inscribe on various objects. It was also used in the publication of books, in making movie ads, street play posters, advertisements and so on. Printing has been everything for the advertisers from baby boomer’s generation to the current generation X and even for the generations that were present before the baby boomers.

The Current

Millenials and Generation Zs are not averse to the power of print. The current print media includes newspapers and weeklies, magazines, brochures, pamphlets, billboards, posters and much more.


The Ongoing and The Upcoming Scenes for the Print Media  

  1. Print is very essential wherever there is a physical presence of the customer.

Be it handing visiting cards when you meet a new prospect or adorning your office or clinic with all the valuable information about the services your company provides in neatly printed boards or paintings, print helps in conveying the main voice like nothing else.


  1. Print Ads are valuable

With more and more people installing ad blockers and turning a blind eye to digital pop up ads, print ads in the magazines, newspapers and many more mediums are finding more weight (quite literally as well).


  1. The power of Billboards

Nobody can deny the charm and lure of a well made and a well-placed Outdoor Branding. Even the huge brands such as Apple, MacDonalds, KFC, Lenovo and many more utilise billboards to establish a connection with the audience in the right way and in the right place.


  1. Print Supports Digital

Print Media acts as a great support system to your digital campaigns and thus increasing the output of the marketing ideas you implement.


So well as you can see the print media is definitely not in its dying phase, it also could be due to its traditional nature. Even though we accept changes and the world moves ahead we still, love to read the newspaper with the morning tea or open those freshly glossed magazine pages to read at leisure.

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