Winning communication for brand promotion Trends in Website design.

Winning communication for brand promotion – The Latest Trends in Website Design


Winning communication for brand promotion – The Latest Trends in Website Design

There is a whopping number- 1.5 billion websites on the World Wide Web today. Of these, less than 200 million are active. There are about 3.4 billion Internet Users, in the last decade, 800% increase has been seen in the new websites.

In the whole traffic on the web- the website needs to be unique, different, and yet in coherence with the objective/message of the site. It has to be winning.

This demands for a research based design of the site that enhances the visual experience and interaction. Eventually the purpose of every design element integrated is deeper engagement with the viewer.

Every design to be effective needs to follow the basic design principle- AIDCA- i.e. attention, interest, desire, convincing and action. The concept, visuals, color has to attract and make the viewer further go through the site.

Taking off further from this basic principle-website Designing company in pune considering that the viewer has become more intelligent and fast- requires giving the message in an instant, concise and easy/lucid manner- minimum words- maximum visuals, info graphics and such.

In other words the transition of print promotion media –to web promotion media is like 5-day test cricket to one day- IPL-20-20 cricket. One can also give the example of TV that offers hundreds of channels- if the frame/scene on the given channel cannot hold the attention of the viewer for 3 seconds; he/she is ready with the remote to change the channel. The same happens now on the internet- if the site does not engross the viewer, he can surf to further site.

The scientific fact is the human brain can see the image and form the opinion in the blink of an eye. ‘Blink-the power of thinking without thinking’- a book by famous author Malcolm Gladwel tells it well.

  1. New , different, off beat layouts- The layouts can be in link with the subject, yet rule braking, surprising, unpredictable.
  2. Typography surprises– Typography make the words speak more, highlight what you wish to. New fonts can be used to add newness to the look of the page. All this ultimately adds to the effect.
  3. Use of relevant yet differentiating techniques of Illustration– Thisis used as an element of difference and a  way of making the waiting process more pleasant for the user. It also communicates  emotions and brand values more   
  4. Attention seeking animation: Animating select elements is a great way to visually enrich a site. These animations may lead to micro interactions, creating fluid user experiences. Typography can also be given motion of animation depending on the position and the length of the message.
  5. Different shapes and elements in the design- take off from the usual geometrics. The graphics used in design can innovative, circular, abstract shapes via-a-via the usual geometric shapes.
  6. Subject based aesthetics/design & development : It can be even traditional.- Every time a contemporary, modern look is not necessary. One can use the retro style to make the look of layouts nostalgic, triggering certain positive emotions.
  7. Bold, simple, yet enhanced visuals The visuals can be larger than life, bold, minimalistic. They reach the viewer faster and so achieve the experience.
  8. Decorated and big Paragraphs– Big Paragraphs are one of the key terms in trends. Paragraphs don’t have to just information. They can rise to the level of info graphics and as powerful tools as visuals. Such expression adds to the micro interactions. The size has increased considerably and you can combine them with new fonts and decorative styles.
  9. Minimalism of color/ monochromes– The extravagance of color is not needed- one can be selective, minimalistic in color- yet achieve a scheme to compliment the subject and message. The color is used as a principal design element –color schemes with a personality that pervades to the whole product There can be plain bold colors in the background combined with photography, typography and illustration.
  10. Psychometric- thoughtful navigation– please don’t harass the viewer to navigate. The journey of viewer is in seconds- make the navigation easy to find and proceed.

Of course, it’s not just enough to create an effective, winning design of the website- you have to give it the SEO support, too. The primary function of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to fetch more traffic to a site that leads to promotion. It’s a research based analytical and creative process to achieve the above in search engines.

Bright Pixel | Web Design & Development Company in Pune– has mastered the art and information technology creatively to develop effective websites. It also has a research based ahead-of-the-time SEO support for the optimum viewership of its sites. The creative thinkers firm is also in graphic design that promotes the brands of various brands on a multifold scale- the strategy is short span- high impact- value for money- for the clients.


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