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Bright Pixel – Website Design Company In Pune 

We offers a key differentiator that makes an effective web design-its view of‘ communication design’. This forms an intelligent amalgamation of Graphic Design, and content- power pictures and power words. It should attract you with its relevant color scheme, graphics, make you indulge in it and make you read on the content. Hence it is supposed open a new, distinct window in your mind and register the message about the company, the brand and more- eventually to make you reach and ‘contact’ the company.

Bright Pixel’s viewpoints in Website Design Services that gives mileage to clients

-Relevance-For us every brand  is the unique case to be thought for the design aspect- they should have the relevance with the brand positioning.

-Graphics/Infographics- These are simple yet fresh and apply all the principles of ‘ visual literacy’ in design- tested the graphics tell the exact story [ without words] without ambiguity.

-Color- We believe in the right mix of colors/shades to form a color scheme that goes with the brand, in discreetly. For instance  cosmetics can be pink, lilac- agro products can  be green, corporate communication can be in grey-blue. The red color for Vodaphone  in every media, is its identity. The colon graphic also denotes – a talk.

-Layout-Most designers do not consider the importance of this aspect. A good Layout follows Gestalt principles, a neuro-visual path of the eye movement on the page to lead it to the desired block. Hence the placement of elements is to be de-cluttered and giving a simple path to the eye.

-The content- Brief, simple, concise, straight to the point, yet a bit witty, intelligent w.r.t. the target reader- while storytelling the message. The words are to be power words, arousing the interest to read on, and not pompous and professorial – please.

-The power of simplicity- This applies to menu, navigation, and every aspect of the design as well as the website as a whole

Winning communication- winning ROI

Every brand promotion media is expected to be a winning communication- so is the function of the website. The psychographic and aesthetic design appeal of our website designs has given optimum ROI to the clients in Our Portfolio.

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