Why is Video Optimization Important & How to do so? -

Why is Video Optimization Important & How to do so?

On the internet one-third of online activity is spent on watching videos.

Video Optimization is the process of improving the consumer viewing experience which refers to a set of technologies utilized by mobile service providers by reducing the starting time of any video and re-buffering events. Video Optimization is a simple process of making SEO of video to be indexed and top on the rank in search engine result pages, for relevant keyword searches. Many video optimization strategies out there for the higher chance of ranking.

Optimize your videos to have a clear and concise storyline, which can give a value to your users. The click-through rate may increase, especially if the typical visitor is used to reading long-form content on your site. It will bring a fresh take on how you market your content and will be appreciated more by the audience because of the bite-sized information you present.

Even today the text content is the same powerful factor as before in increasing online visibility, so delving into video marketing is not to disregard the fact. In fact, inserting videos to your blogs/content can level up its quality and increase efforts in helping these two mediums complement each other.

In the digital world about 800 million viewers knock on YouTube every single month, the second largest search engine platform after Google, where you can do your video optimization.

Here are some tips to optimize video

File name

First of all before uploading a video and optimizing it, ensure that the file and the title of the video matches each other and that each word is separated by a hyphen. The first step of optimizing a video begins right here.


Thumbnails of the video can help more users see your content and a creative thumbnail can attract many users, which will result in a boost in user engagement.


Keywords help to identify words that match the video you’re looking for. It is important to include keywords in the video title and description.

Tags and categories

Tagging someone can help you to identify your video from the various categories.

Video Title

Adding relevant target keywords linking the content can show up your video title in search results. Along with an engaging title, a video needs to be descriptive that can easily be found amongst the million videos competing against.

Video Description

Write your description on video which has to be written within 160 characters so that the video can show up in the search results. Add a link to a website before detailed description about the video. Also, add a short text at the beginning of it with a large informative description and include relevant keywords in the text.


Video Annotations are the function for adding interactive commentary that you can easily add a speech bubble, a note, a title, a spotlight, or just pause the video at the correct time. Annotations can link to other related videos, your playlist, and also your channel. This definitely helps your ranking standard.

Social Profiles

Sharing should not be limited to only one platform, you must be active in sharing & should continue on a larger scale through other social networking platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Other linked networking sites can be placed in your channel page. To interact with your visitors can make them want to explore your channel and videos much more.

Key benefits of optimizing video

  • 92% mobile video viewers share videos with others.
  • 90% of views happen on a mobile device for Twitter videos.
  • 10 million videos are watched on Snapchat in a day.

You need to know what you want to get out of the video optimization. Without knowing this, it will be difficult to conceptualize a production that has any hope of successfully captivating the intended audience and meeting your goals. Our creative & professional team can help you with identifying your target audience, editing videos and doing SEO. We Bright Pixel, web designing agency and digital service provider in Pune, India.


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